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My first ever blog - JL

My first ever blog post - JL

Hi world, this is my first ever blog. What do I say, what do I discuss, this little brain of mine has such to say haha. No it doesn't. This will just be a little insight into my life my journey, which includes design, some hobbies and maybe the odd little character who I will slowly introduce you all to.

The past few weeks for me have been very fast paced, I had been suffering from a prolapsed disc in my spine for years and I finally got it operated on and I feel totally amazing. The NHS truly are heros, they got me all clued up on the process, their support and their overall professionalism has been impeccable and I can't thank them enough. They took amazing care of me and have been with me through the whole process and the recovery. So a massive thank you to the NHS.

Whilst I have been in recovery I have been brushing up on some video editing practice, honestly you have to have a lot of patience for video editing but one thing I will say is that the new updated softwares make it much more easier and the interfaces are so much more manageable compared to previous versions and softwares. So that has been really fun to work on actually. It also gave me a chance to look some current artists on social media, I think I'm slowly falling back in love with fine art. I use to do fine art back in college, don't ask me when, I'm old hahahaha. Some of the art pieces of all mediums that I have seen online have been outstanding. I truly wish that was a skill that I had worked on more in college and university but the lure of the computer pulled me in. Nooooooo!!!! But truly some of the stuff I have seen online has been outstanding, and I think with when we went through lock down it really allowed people to explore their passions for art and other artitistic disciplines. Big shout out to all you artists out there, you are all truly blessed.

I have been trying to work on some of my own little digital prints but I think I want to buy a large canvas and just give it a go. As they say you only live once so why not give it a go eh?! I will keep you all up to date on how that goes.

So as I lay here recovering from my surgery, the windows open and the laughs of kids rushing home from school and the sun bearing through, I wonder to myself should I play my PS5 or watch a movie, and I am a big movie buff so if anyone wants to talk films... I'm your guy hahaha. Well it's a Friday so I think it's only right that I do both and grab a cheeky Nandos and a cheeky can of cream soda.

Until we meet again dear soul, have a blessed day/evening and never stop smiling! 🤗

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