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Hi, I'm Jonathan.

I'm a multi-discipline Graphic Designer & Marketing specialist based in London

Hi, my name is Jonathan Lewis and I have been a graphic designer, based in London,
for the past 18 years.

I have collaborated with design, marketing and advertising executives and led small businesses to create high visual content that drives increased company revenue. By working on a range of projects this has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of each aspect that is needed for graphic design across all mediums including Branding, web design, email & social media marketing, print graphics, illustration, packaging, infographics, art direction and bespoke exhibition designs.

My work has been featured in many publications and exhibitions. Some of my clients I have worked with include Google,
Jaguar Land Rover, H.R. Owen, Canary Wharf Group, Boisdale and Institute for Strategic Dialogue.


I have a proven record of devising and implementing sales driven marketing campaigns, working to both short and longer lead times. I am confident leading and managing a team, setting the agenda and driving a strategy forward.

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